What mattress goes with my adjustable bed?

Many of our readers have been asking a great deal about adjustable beds.  In case you haven’t seen an adjustable bed, heres a video example of some electric adjustable beds that can demonstrate the concept.

Adjustable beds have been popular for many years, but primarily with older generations because it helps the elderly sit up in bed and sit more comfortably for long periods of time in bed.  However, with the recent focus on back pain, the adjustable bed is becoming popular with new generations.

So now we understand the adjustable bed, but the question is, what mattress best goes with this type of bed?

The best mattress is obvious

Keep in mind that this mattress is going to be regularly bending every which way.  It’s not a far just to discover that every adjustable bed review will tell you the same thing – get a foam mattress.  If you go with a spring or coil mattress, these metal coils are going to be bent regularly, making them misshapen and much less effective in the short and long term.  However with a foam mattress, it is made to be squished and then returned to its regular shape.

Either a memory foam or latex foam mattress will work.  This publication doesn’t have a preference for either, however we do suggest that you check with the adjustable bed manufacturer.  They may have some specific recommendations for their bed.

Welcome to a new era friends!  Now that many young professionals are working from bed, the adjustable bed is going to be increasingly popular.  Make sure to do your research before purchase, and share your experience here on reallyfreeschool.org.  And remember, a mattress will educate you if it needs to, so take good care of your sleep products.