Types of Mattresses

It’s important that you become educated on the types of mattresses and what the benefits and drawbacks are of each type.  You should educate yourself on this kind of thing before you decide on the exact mattress model you want for yourself.

You should know about latex mattresses.  These are a certain type of foam that is naturally made from rubber tree sap.  However, there have been many scientific advances in this field and now companies are able to much more cheaply make latex synthetically.  Latex is springy and cool.  It will allow the mattress to contour to your body, but it will also give you more feedback.  It can be much heavier than other types of mattress and is probably less good than memory foam when it comes to reducing pressure points.

Memory foam is another very popular type of mattress.  The foam responds to weight.  If you put your hand and push down into it, then the foam will give in and adapt to the weight being applied to it.  As soon as you take your hand away, the foam will slowly return to its natural position.  This fact alone is why memory foam mattresses are so popular.  They are excellent at reducing pressure points and are great for comfort and relieving pain.  The downside to memory foam is that a lot of the mattresses sag over time.  People sometimes don’t like the feeling of getting lost in the mattress. They can sleep hot too, and they also occasionally give off a slight chemical smell.  If the mattresses give too much, then you can develop bad sleeping form and potentially develop back pain over time.

Innerspring mattresses are more traditional.  They take normally steel or some other metal and then turn them into a number of coil units that serve as support as you sleep.  These are normally not as soft as other mattresses, which is why a lot of companies put a pillow top on the mattress.  These mattresses tend to be very supportive and good for back pain.  They also last a fairly long time and definitely are a lot less likely to sag over time.