12 tips to buy a best mattress for your home

One of the most important furnishings of your home is the bed and the mattress on it. After a long and hard day at work, what every person needs is a relaxing night’s sleep. The mattress on your bed could act as a facilitator, for you getting the perfect sleep. However if you have chosen the wrong kind of mattress for yourself, it could also be the cause of many pain problems.

But the big question arise, how do you know that you have to buy a new mattress for your home? Simply, answer these questions to know the answer:

  • Do you wake up achy and grumpy in the morning? Even after sleeping for a good 8 hours?
  • Are you experiencing slight pains in any joints or in the back?
  • Do you feel less energetic after waking up?
  • Do you keep turning and tossing in the bed for lack of proper support and comfort in your mattress?

If the answer to two ore more questions is yes, then its time you got a new mattress for your home.

Buying Guide for the mattress

Comfort plus health should be the two major criteria when deciding on a best mattress for your home. The third factor is that the mattress should fit in your budget. Today mattresses have a very wide range of varieties and prices to choose from. And lastly, the mattress in your room should add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. With the kind of hectic lives we lead today, most of the time our posture is wrong which causes a lot of damage to the joints of the body. This often results in excruciating pain and lead to chronic ailments if neglected for a long time.

A good mattress can actually go a long way in helping you to get rid of various kinds of body pains, such as lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and upper back pain. It keeps the body posture right, even during sleeping and provide relaxation and comfort.

Every person has a different body type, bone type and body weight. So the mattress requirements vary from person to person. Here are some tips that you can use to make the complicated process of choosing the mattress a little easier:

Top tips for your mattress purchase:

  1. Go for a thorough online research before making the final purchase of your mattress. This way you would have a fair idea of the basic types of mattresses available and their pros and cons. Look up various websites and make yourself aware.
  2. Consult your doctor before buying a mattress, if you already have a physical condition or have been experiencing pain in the body. If you have been undergoing some therapy, it would be good to talk to your therapist as well.
  3. Mattress stores with their huge variety will definitely confuse you. On top of that, it becomes impossible to compare prices. So decide on a brand and on a type suitable for you, check it out for comfort (you could lie down on it for a couple of minutes) and make the purchase. This decision would be easier if you have done your research well.
  4. It is said that firmer the mattress, the better it is for the back. This is not universally true. One might not feel really comfortable and snug on a firm mattress. In fact, for people having low back pain a moderately firm mattress works best. That way, the feel is comfortable, but the support is firm.
  5. Comfortable feeling mattresses will differ from person to person. Every person would have a different definition of comfort. Choose your mattress accordingly. Some might like firm mattresses, some extra-firm. Others might go in for plush or extra plush kinds of mattresses, depending on the requirements of the body.
  6. Find out if the store or the brand of mattress offers a money back guarantee. Most major brands offer a 30-day money back guarantee. So you could try out the mattress for a month, and if you feel it is uncomfortable and add to your pain, you go return it.
  7. Some mattresses have attached pillow tops, but check out if it is suitable for you. People with heavier bodies find pillow tops with a bit of cushioning very comfortable as they their weight helps to compress the cushion and get the support of the coils beneath.
  8. The types of mattresses that are available for your choice are:
  • Memory foam mattresses are preferred by many. They mold according to the shape of the body thereby providing a well distributed and even support mechanism. This is the one that gives a luxurious sinking into the bed feeling!
  • Sleep number beds use adjustable air pressure pads within, so that you could customize the amount of pressure and the firmness of your mattress.
  • Plush mattresses, which are extremely soft for extra comfort.

If you are indecisive, try out each of the types or varieties and then go for the final purchase.

  1. Check on the warranty the mattress companies are providing. Most big brands provide a 10 year replacement warranty on your big purchase. Also, it is advisable to buy a waterproof mattress protecting cover. This way the mattress could be saved from stains that destroy its entire look, and also your warranty remains intact.
  2. Negotiate on the price of the mattress. If you are at a store which does not offer flexible pricing, then keep your eyes open for store offers, brand promotional offers and discount sales. This way you could get the best mattress for your home at a really affordable price.
  3. Do not shop for mattresses in a departmental store. It is advisable to visit a store which deals exclusively in mattresses to ensure that you get the best deals and also good advice on which mattress would suit your condition.
  4. All said and done, the look of the mattress is also important to add to the aesthetic appeal of your room. If you are living with your family, buy a mattress that would suit the needs of every member and yet look beautiful.

Considering these tips, now you are all set to buy the best mattress for your home!


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Understanding the Difference between Memory Foam and Latex Foam

Latex foam and memory foam are the two most common kinds of foam used for making mattresses. The two are different they are made from different materials and each comes with pros and cons. Let us first look at latex foam.

Latex Foam

This is the old mattress as you know it the one that is soft and comfortable because it takes your whole weight. They have been around since the turn of the 2oth century but over the years, other materials have been added either to make the mattresses more resilient or cheaper. That said, there are still pure latex foam mattresses out there. These mattresses can be made of layers that are glued together or not it depends on the design of the bed. There is a variation of latex foam mattresses called Talalay but experts agree that both types perform more or less the same.

These mattresses are so well loved because the offer true comfort they support the whole body. In addition to that, they are keepers- they can last up to 15 years providing good support all the while.

The cons of latex foam mattresses are that they are hard to find because latex is so expensive few companies still make it locally so you may not find mattresses that you can test. If you want to buy you should look online and even then you must be sure to check the specs carefully.

Memory Foam

These are more recent, an invention from NASA, and the idea behind them is that they conform to the contours of the body so that they can support all the pressure points. They usually respond to your body temperature in order to do this.

The pro of memory foam mattresses is that they offer excellent support especially for back pain sufferers. The main complaint about them is that they are sometimes made of materials that can be toxic in the long run. They can also be too hot to sleep on.

example of memory foam

Four Attributes That Define a Quality/ Good Mattress

Buying the perfect mattress is one of the most challenging processes most people have to face on a day to day basis. Despite of the availability of a wide variety of mattresses in the market, finding that quality that gives you great value for money is not always easy. However, there are some simple attributes that will often define a good mattress. These include but not limited to:


One of the most important factors to look out for in a mattress is indeed firmness. In most cases, firm mattresses are not only comfortable, but they also tend to last longer. With that said, make sure you feel each and every mattress you intend to buy just to know how firm it is.


Secondly, it is imperative to buy a mattress with a relatively longer lifespan, especially if you dont have the time and money to keep replacing mattresses every now and then. Although in most cases mattresses with a long lifespan tend to be relatively expensive, there is no doubt they are indeed worth it.


The bounce is also a critical attribute that will always define a good and quality mattress. Always try to find that perfect balance of firmness and bounce. Mattresses with better bounce are very comfortable. As such, it should be the responsibility of every person to ensure that the mattress they are buying has the perfect bounce.

Value for Money

Finally, before buying a mattress ensure that it gives you great value for the money. If you are going to pay a relatively higher fee then ensure you get a comfortable and durable mattress that will for sure last long. Additionally, make sure the mattress you buy has a warranty of at least five years just to be on the safe side.

Generally, buying the perfect mattress doesnt have to be difficult. The priority for most shoppers is to get a quality and cost effective mattress that meets their needs at all times. Simply put, when it come to purchasing a good mattress, comfort and personal preference are most important factors to consider.

Having Trouble Sleeping? Useful Sleep Tips You May Not Know About

Insomnia is a big problem for many people for no apparent reason medical or psychological they cannot fall asleep easily and once they do staying asleep is a problem. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much science carried out to find out why this happens which coincidentally means that there are no real remedies out there. If you are an insomniac who has tried all the usual recommendations here are some useful, little-known ones that may be of help.

Nap every day

Conventional belief tells us that napping will mess up our sleep at night. It turns out this is not the case. If you make it a habit to take a nap every single day at a scheduled hour early in the afternoon you will find that you sleep better. For it to work you have to stick to a schedule and make sure the nap lasts between 10 and 20 minutes.

Get rid of worries before you fall asleep

One interesting thing about insomniacs is that they don’t stay awake worrying about world peace and how to save the endangered dolphin. Once they go to bed they are occupied by everyday, mundane worries what time do I leave for my meeting tomorrow? Should I go to that party on Saturday? Give yourself time to get rid of all these thoughts 15 minutes before you go to bed. Get a journal and make all the decisions that need to be made and then lie down for sleep without worries in your mind.

Get some early morning sun

When you get some sun as soon as you wake up your body is more ready to sleep when you go to bed more than 14 hours later.

A hot bath keeps you awake

Your body cools down in order for you to sleep. A warm bath has the opposite effect.

Lastly, organize and tidy up your room it helps your mind settle down for better sleep.

sun, enemy of sleep

Types of Mattresses For Sleeping Comfortably At Night

Sleeping comfortably is something that everyone strives for in their lives. Many people take for granted the ability to sleep well until they are in need of some help to regain that ability. There can be a variety of reasons for suddenly experiencing restless nights where good rest is elusive. One of the most common reasons for suddenly having uncomfortable nights is a mattress that isn’t working for your body and your needs.

Newer technologies and advancements have made it possible for a mattress to work for a lot of individuals with personal needs. One of those newer technologies has emerged into the creation of latex foam mattresses. Latex is being used on the top layers of many innerspring mattresses being sold today. Latex foam mattresses are useful for sleepers that need more comfort because it is a dense material that also has elasticity. This means that those with bad backs or discomfort while sleeping will find a surface that is both sturdy and can mold to their individual body. It allows for a unique sleeping experience for every different body type and individual. Latex is also known for its hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial qualities and a smart buy for those with allergies or concerns about bacteria forming in the mattress

Memory foam has become one of the most popular types of materials being used in beds today. This is because of its unique qualities. Memory foam technology is quite popular because it is high density, is temperature sensitive, and can conform perfectly to an individuals body. The mattress literally shapes to the body of the person sleeping. This is ideal for couples that need the ability to sleep comfortably on their side of the bed without interfering with their partner. Also, those that experience restless nights or back aches will find that memory foam can alleviate those issues and provide a comfortable sleeping experience.

Why you should buy a mattress today and the impact it can have on your health

Buying a new mattress may not be at the top of your priority list, but if you value a good night sleep then it should be. Without a good mattress it can be next to impossible to relax, unwind, and fall into the deep slumber that you need to truly recovery and recharge your batteries. People that are hesitant to buy a new mattress because it is an expense, and for many people money is still very tight. Many people rationalize that the mattress that they have is just fine. But the truth is that in many cases the mattresses they have is not just fine. An old mattress that has worn out overtime will not provide even support the way that it was initially designed to do. Instead is the phone Patty where’s the springs begin to push through different areas applying pressure points that can cause a lot of health issues. Not only can it affect your back and your neck, you can also affect your state of mind since you will not be able to sleep well. You may go to bed and lay in bed for many hours, but unless you’re sleeping in a deep sleep you will not get the rest that you really need.

Once you decide to go ahead and buy a new mattress remember that it often pays to spend a little more. Everybody has heard the saying that you get what you pay for, and when buying a mattress this is true. If you buy a cheap mattress you’re likely yourself a poor night sleep and a mattress that will wear out quickly. However, if you spend the money for mattress if you would like to be buying years of usage along with years of restful sleep. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on a mattress, it simply means that you should shop and find a good one at a good price. Taking the time to buy something that will make you feel better protect your back and neck from abuse. So remember that a mattress is not just another expense, rather it is an investment in good health

The Importance Of Sleep And How It Impacts Your Health

For anyone who has ever had to go an extended period of time without getting enough sleep it should be obvious just how important sleep is to your health. When you sleep your body rests, repairs, and prepares itself for the next day. Most importantly your mind is able to relax so that you can regain your full mental faculties. If you don’t sleep long enough to enter R.E.M. sleep then you won’t get the rest that you need, and over time your mental and physical health will decline. While we all lead busy lives that can press us for time, one thing that we cannot afford to let suffer is the time we set aside each day to sleep. If you do then you will soon notice that you feel tired, you may lose your ability to stay motivated, and focusing becomes a real problem. The biggest issue you will face with sleep deprivation is that you will eventually lose your ability to properly function, and at this point no matter how hard you try you will not be able to hold yourself together.

So how exactly do you make sure that you get enough sleep? First make sure that you try to get to bed at a reasonable hour each night. If you have to be up by 7 a.m. then make sure you are in bed no later than 11 p.m. If you drink coffee, soda, or anything else with caffeine in it, avoid drinking these things after dinner. If you are still unable to fall asleep quickly after taking these steps you may need additional help. Make sure that you have a good mattress that supports you, and a comfortable pillow. You should also think about seeing a doctor if your sleep issues persist.

Top 10 things to consider when buying a mattress

This list compiles the top 10 things to consider when buying a mattress, in order of importance.  Go through the list and see if your upcoming mattress purchase checks all the boxes!

1.)  Support vs comfort

It’s difficult to gauge the support vs comfort argument – and it often devolves into a spring vs memory foam argument.  Decide which is more important to you, and dive in head first.

2.)  Price

Like you weren’t thinking about this already.  Mattresses come in three ranges, basic ($200-$500), medium quality ($500-$1200) and luxury ($1200+).  Decide what you’re willing to spend ahead of time, and set your expectations accordingly.

3.)  Preferences of spouse

This is a big one, and something that is long overlooked.  If you’re sleeping with another person, consider their needs.

4.)  Sleeping position

Do you sleep on your stomach?  That foam mattress is going to be awfully uncomfortable.  On your side?  Stay away from springs!  Your sleeping position should have a big impact on the type of mattress you buy.

5.)  Weight

If you’re overweight, you need to purchase a very firm mattress.  Particularly if you have a big belly, this might make your mid section sink in if the mattress is too soft.  I know it’s not fun to talk about, but it will have a big impact on the way the mattress provides support.

6.)  Durability

Do you treat things well?  Do you expect to have this mattress for 2 years or 10 years?  Make sure to ask about the durability of the mattress to ensure that you’ll be well supported for as long as you need to be.

7.)  Warranty

You don’t want to think you made the wrong decision before it happens, but sometimes you do.  Make sure you’re protected for at least 10 years in case something goes wrong with the mattress.

8.)  Return policy

Particularly if you’re switching mattress types (e.g. spring to memory foam), then consider going for a mattress with a great return policy.  Sometimes something feels great in the store, but after two weeks you know that you made the wrong decision.

9.)  Brand recognition

Decide if a brand is important to you.  Something like Sealy is a known brand, but there are a lot of unknown brands out there that make truly quality mattresses.  Decide if the brand is important to you, or if you’re willing to do some research to identify other brands that might suit your needs even better.

10.)  Recommendations

Always be ready to read recommendations, and ask your friends if need be.  Go to your friends places, see their mattresses, and ask the hard questions.  This is not the time to skimp on research.

If you follow these 10 items when buying your mattress, you’re going to make a great decision.  Good luck!