Learn about Foams

When you’re thinking about a mattress, the big question is foam vs spring/coil. What do these terms mean?  Well, it’s pretty self explanatory, and if you have access to each type of mattress, you’ll easily see the difference.

Spring mattress benefits

A spring mattress is one that has springs within it made of metal.  This is a classic mattress that was an innovation at the end of the 19th century.  These mattresses vary widely in their quality, dependent on the quality and number of strings, as well as the quality of the surrounding cloth.  The idea is that your weight is distributed fairly evenly across the many springs, aligning your spine and providing good support and comfort as you sleep.

Foam mattress benefits

There are two main types of foams available, latex foam and memory foam.  Both of these foams were created more recently than the spring mattress, and only gained popularity in the last 20 years or so in the mattress world.

This video has an overview of memory foam vs latex foam

The thing to know about foam mattresses is that they are generally considered to be better, however they are often significantly more expensive than a spring mattress.  They also tend to sleep hot, which means that the foam absorbs and retains your heat, increasing the temperature of the sleeping surface throughout the night.

As for memory foam vs latex foam, they both are generally good, but latex in its original foam was totally natural (now there are synthetic versions) and memory foam is chemically based.  In terms of feel, they are quite similar, in that they conform to the body position of the sleeper – though latex is a bit springier than memory foam.

What is the best mattress?

We have just started talking about the subject, and you can already tell that it’s a difficult question to answer.  Much of it depends on you, considering factors like your age, your sleep needs, your preferences, and allergies.  Not to mention the price point.

We recommend really thinking about our article what to thing about when buying a mattress as a starting point.  We also have a great article on adjustable beds, which require a foam mattress.  Thus if an adjustable bed is for you, you can instantly narrow your options.

The mattress you sleep on can really impact your quality of life, so do your research!