How to choose a mattress

One of the most valuable educational experiences of my life was learning how to choose a mattress.  A mattress is a place where you spend one third of your life.  If you make the wrong choice, it could have dire consequences!  Follow the steps below to choose a truly quality mattress.

1. Educate yourself

You need to know the vernacular when shopping for any item, in particular mattresses.  What is firm vs soft?  Should you have a pillow top?  Maybe memory foam?  How much should you spend?  Just google around mattress sites to figure out what options are available.  Maybe you want an adjustable bed?  If so check out the best Reverie adjustable mattress review on the web.

2. Decide how firm you want your mattress to be

If you have back pain or other muscle related ailments, you should go with a firmer mattress, even if trading off comfort.  If you are seeking more comfort over support due to youth or hedonism, then go for a softer mattress or pillow top.

3. Choose a size

Standard, double, queen, king, or california king.  These are all standard sizes, so choose based on your preference, as well as the size of your bed frame or available space.

4. Find a brand that you trust

There are a lot of mattress companies out there.  Do your best to find one that really works for you.  Go to a few stores and try them out.  Talk with the sales people and see how straightforward they are with you about the product.  Great example of a recommendation is a review of Verlo by Slumber Sage.

5.  Test the mattresses

Go to a friend’s house and sleep on a serious candidate if possible.  Otherwise spend some time in the store laying down, sitting, and seeing how each one feels.

6.  Ask about their support and guarantees

Even if you do all the due diligence, you may end up making the wrong choice.  See what their return policy is and for how long you can “test drive” the product.  You should be able to get at least a month for most premium brands.

7. Take it home

And try it out!  Start a journal of how often you feel pain, how often you get up in the night, etc.  Even if this mattress is soft to the touch, it may not be doing the job you need it to do.

8.  Ask about the warranty

No brainer here, you want to be protected.  The warranty should cover up to ten years at least.

9.  Buy the rest of the stuff

Get a bed, box spring, sheets, pillows, all the trimmings.   Most of the money should go to the mattress, but don’t skimp on these items either.  They can definitely have an impact on your sleep experience.

10.  Ask for a better price

Today in the USA it’s not standard to ask a store for a discount.  However this is very common practice in the mattress industry, so don’t be shy and bring your negotiating skills.

Now go out there and make it happen.