john p

Thanks Rick. If I lived in Holly Hill Florida I would definitely buy from
you! Thanks for educating me.

louis t

yes thank you for information about what i am buying / i am in
southcarolina / are climent on the coust and law land is verry hot and
humid /i like your mattresses / i am going to check on havng mine bought
and shipped from you guys at fox


I like the rustic wood looking bed frames in the video, they would add a
lot to a cabin type of home.

Jackie Hall

Interesting. thank you so much for putting this out. I will for sure be
asking to look on the inside. To bad you guys are so far away from Texas.


I like your latex mattress–about how much should that run king size if I
can find it here in Tampa?


Wow, this information is invaluable. Thank you for the straight forward
facts. It is very much appreciated. I wish you had a shop in Australia.
Thanks mate.

Christopher Emerson

Thanks for the help! I find mattress shopping very confusing, but now I
will know which questions to ask.