Different types of Mattress to Choose From

Sleeping is the best way to relax your body.  The posture of the body must balance with the spinal cord to ensure healthy sleep. Improper posture is the reason for most back problems. If you are looking for the new mattress and not able to find the best mattress for your family, then to find the best you must know the different type of mattress available to choose from according to your bed and other furniture. Wondering what are the most popular types of mattresses to choose from? Read below:

Pillow Tops

The most traditional mattresses are coil and box spring, which usually come under the category of pillow tops. Most of the companies make beds according to these kinds of mattress. With pillow tops, you will get the highest level of flexibility and smoothness. That is why they are always popular. The quality of the pillow top mattress is judged by the number of spring it has and the quality the coils. The flexibility of the bed largely depends on the number of coils a mattress has. The smoothness depends on the number of coils because it molds the mattress according to the bed.

Open coil

In open coil mattress, the spiral wires are attached from the top to bottom with 350 springs which are arranged in the rows. To get the best variety of open coils, prefer the posture springs. The posture spring is woven into spring and joined in vertical to horizontal direction. The coils are smaller in size as compared to the coils of other mattresses.

Pocket spring

Pocket spring mattresses feature a small individual spring that is placed in the pocket fabric. In some of the mattresses you will find that all the springs are attached to the center of the spring and in some of the mattress you may find that the pocket springs are attached to each other. It helps to keep your body in the right position as springs outline your body in the proper shape. You witness a great comfort when you lie down on the bed because it reduces the pressure from the hips, shoulders and other body parts. In case, if the other person is with you on the same mattress, then you don’t feel any type of movement if the other partner changes its position.


Latex is derived from the rubber plant, which is natural and assures a fine quality product. As it is elastic in nature, it recovers as the pressure is removed. The hypoallergenic feature of this mattress can be counted as the advantage for the user who is using this mattress. It protects you from infections and respiratory problem. As it has anti-microbial property, it gives security to you and your family from fungi, dust particles and bacteria. This mattress is perfect if you are suffering spine pain.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress has the ability to molds to the body in response to pressure and heat and evenly distributes the weight of the body. Though, it returns to its original shape once the pressure is removed. The different firmness and feel can be achieved by altering the density and thickness of the visco elastic used.

Gel Mattress: This mattress uses a type of foam that contains gel in the product support system, the upholstery layers, or both. The gel foam assures great heat dissipation, feel and comfort to ensure sound sleep.

Now that you know about the various types of mattress options available to choose from, pick the one that suits your body, sleep pattern and budget. Just make sure, you don’t compromise on the choice as the decision is often irreversible owing to the huge cost associated with it.