Understanding the Difference between Memory Foam and Latex Foam

Latex foam and memory foam are the two most common kinds of foam used for making mattresses. The two are different they are made from different materials and each comes with pros and cons. Let us first look at latex foam.

Latex Foam

This is the old mattress as you know it the one that is soft and comfortable because it takes your whole weight. They have been around since the turn of the 2oth century but over the years, other materials have been added either to make the mattresses more resilient or cheaper. That said, there are still pure latex foam mattresses out there. These mattresses can be made of layers that are glued together or not it depends on the design of the bed. There is a variation of latex foam mattresses called Talalay but experts agree that both types perform more or less the same.

These mattresses are so well loved because the offer true comfort they support the whole body. In addition to that, they are keepers- they can last up to 15 years providing good support all the while.

The cons of latex foam mattresses are that they are hard to find because latex is so expensive few companies still make it locally so you may not find mattresses that you can test. If you want to buy you should look online and even then you must be sure to check the specs carefully.

Memory Foam

These are more recent, an invention from NASA, and the idea behind them is that they conform to the contours of the body so that they can support all the pressure points. They usually respond to your body temperature in order to do this.

The pro of memory foam mattresses is that they offer excellent support especially for back pain sufferers. The main complaint about them is that they are sometimes made of materials that can be toxic in the long run. They can also be too hot to sleep on.

example of memory foam