Complete guide to Green Mattresses

For some years now the world has been moving from an industrial to a green age. Little by little, and although the world is still half way through that change, people have started to become aware of how important it is to reconnect with nature and turn back to natural products and services. Around the world and around the clock, you have been learning new terms like organic food, eco-friendly houses with green ovens and solar panels, hybrid cars, biofuels and many others. Now, it is the time to discover green mattresses.

What are green mattresses?

They are so called because they are manufactured with natural products as opposed to traditional ones, which are made of synthetic materials. Green mattresses have a competitive edge as the materials they are made of is totally renewable and create a healthier environment when it comes to resting and sleeping. Materials include natural latex (from rubber trees), organically grown cotton, and mindfully produced wool. Traditional mattresses do not offer these benefits.

Why use green mattresses?

  1. Chemical free: Green mattresses are healthier because they are free of chemicals, which pollute your home and is the cause of potential health problems. Many scientific studies have proved that the petrochemicals present in the traditional mattresses, have caused serious health risks like polluted breast milk and umbilical cord blood. Some of them are also carcinogenic.
  2. Fireproof: Traditional mattresses also contain chemical flame retardants, which are also toxic and, thus, a big concern. These substances are related to PCBs and pesticides. However, in the case of green mattresses, wool replaces those chemicals and serves the same objective. Wool is naturally fire resistant and complies with the federal fire-resistance regulations. In addition, wool is also an excellent moisture absorbent, and it dissipates the heat.
  3. Regulates temperature: Organic mattresses have an ability to regulate the body temperature. The organic latex and organic wool stay cool in summers and warm in winters. These natural materials regulate the body temperature by wicking the body moisture. This in a ensures calmer heart rate due to the lower humidity and assures an optimal temperature that assure a good night’s sleep.
  4. Durability: Green mattresses are more durable than the synthetic mattresses because they do not break as quickly as other mattresses. The organic wool can be stretched up to 50% when it is wet and almost 30 when dry and it has the ability to bounce back once you release the stress. The flexibility of the wool fibers makes them quite durable.

Within green mattresses, there are different varieties you can choose from: natural latex, innerspring, pocket coil, or combinations of these. Think green and take your pick!