A mattress will educate you if it needs to

Here on Really Free School, we are naturally big fans of education.  We like it to be free and plentiful, on all sorts of subjects.  As for mattresses, and the surrounding sleep industry, there are plenty of opportunities for you to educate yourself; articles, videos, research studies, or just go down to your local mattress store and ask the salesman a few questions.

Mattress teacher

However, we find that most people that come looking for mattress education are much later in life.  And they often come in partially educated, but not through anything that they sought out – rather they have a hands-on education; years ago they bought the cheapest mattress that they could find, and this mattress became the worst kind of teacher.  This mattress prodded them, didn’t support them, absorbed things in the air and regurgitated it to them, so that after many years they had learned that having a low-quality mattress gives you back pain, sleep problems, and a lifetime of issues.

Unfortunately once they arrive here, we have the unfortunate task of teaching that that it’s almost impossible to reverse the damage.  The best mattress comparison analysis doesn’t change history.  That sure if you had treated your 20 year old back with care, it would be in great shape.  But at the age of 45, you’re not going to just buy a new mattress and feel like a youth.  You’ll definitely feel better, particularly in the long run, but damage has been done.

Fortunately, after the damage has been done, people come willing to learn.  Bad mattress buying habits are quickly thrown away and forgotten, and they come ready to get the top high end mattress – but more importantly they have a mentality that they are investing in their future health.  This mentality is great for buying a bed, and even better for an approach to life.  Maybe you won’t see the benefits tomorrow, but you’ll feel much better than you would have otherwise years later.  A lesson that is learned with time, and a lesson that unfortunately takes much wisdom to acquire.